President                        Dorothy Bromiley

Vice President                Henry Knowles


General committee

Chairman                       Colin Couch

                                        01323 733902


Ladies' Captain             Carol Heasman

                                       01323 720289       


Men’s Captain               David Forge

                                        01323 656803


Secretary                        Marilyn Doust

                                        01323 739079  or  07941 755338


Treasurer                        Ron Putland

                                        01323 638568


Match Secretary            Gordon Burr



Green Ranger                David Forge

                                        01323 656803


Maintenance                  Colin Hunt

                                        07747 092891


Purchasing                     Arthur Strevens

                                        01323 640561


Bar Manager                  Ian Dixon

                                        01323 391545


Social Events                  Petina Hapgood                                                              


Life Members

Mrs Evelyn Goldsmith   Mrs Sue Putland

Mrs J. Ritchie    Mrs B. Terry

Meet some of our club officers

Dorothy Bromiley


Dorothy is our current club president.  Dorothy has been a  member of the club for 20 years and is a bowls national umpire.

Henry Knowles


Henry is our current club vice-president.  He was formally the men's captain for three years and has won many competitions.  Henry will become club president in 2022.

Colin Couch

Club Chairman

Colin has been the club chairman since 2017 and is proud to lead the club through its centenary.

Arthur Strevens


Arthur has bowled for many years and has won many competitions.  Arthur looks after purchasing for the club to make sure everything we buy is good value.

Marilyn Doust

Club secretary

Marilyn is club secretary and a Coach Bowls qualified coach.  

Petina Hapgood

Social secretary

Petina is the club's social secretary who is responsible for organising many of the inclusive and fun social events we run at Gildredge Park Bowls Club