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County competitions 

Gildredge bowlers usually compete in:

  • Men's Champion of Champions

  • Ladies' Champion of Champions

  • Ladies' triples

  • Men's triples

  • Ladies' double rink

  • Men's two fours Abergavenny

  • Trixie pairs

  • Top club

For 2022 entries the men's and ladies' sections of Sussex County Bowls are following different methods.

LADIES: If you want to enter any of the above please contact Marilyn Doust who knows the entry process and has the forms.

MENOnline only.  There will not be the paper lists on the boards in the chnaging room as in past years.  The Sussex Bowls website should have ther system up-and-running in early December.  Entries must be submitted by the closing date in January.  Click on the Sussex Bowls link above and go to the men's section.

Our men's county delegate Duncan Pickering also offers the following advice:

Sussex County Bowls have made a decision to basically follow the BOWLS ENGLAND National Competitions format. Each person creates an account with their own password and then has access to all the Competitions that they have entered. SCB are using the Stripe system for the collection of money – which is basically the same as the better known Paypal. BE use Stripe for the money transaction and it is considered 100% secure! Once the closing date for entries has passed: a) the Competition will be annotated as closed and the draw will be carried out automatically online. b) the full draw will appear online for all entrants in that competition to see; c) all entrants for each competition will receive an email notifying them, of their opponent and contact details – the ‘play on date’ or the ‘closing date’ for the round if a ‘play by date’ Competition. When a match has been played: a) the result and the names of all members of a team will be required to be entered by the player; b) a further email is then sent notify to players of their next opponent and date etc. SCB anticipate that the new Competitions Entry format will be up and running in early December when you will be able to see the different competitions available, this will allow entrants to register their games before the closing date end of January 2022 For members who would like to enter the County Competitions and it will be their first time here is an example of what happens: All games will be played on a fixed weekday day at 6pm – If you want to enter a Triples team, then last year all Triples games were played on a Monday evening, this competition is played on a knockout base with the winners playing the next game the following Monday and so on. Last year this competition started on Mon 17th May and after consecutive weekly games the area finals took place on the 28th June which gives you an indication of how long this competition went on for. Likewise for other competitions ie..Singles,Pairs,Fours etc they had their fixed days to play their matches. Depending on the draw you could play at home or you may have to travel to your opponents Green. Gildredge Park BC play in Division 1 which covers clubs situated as far as Seaford in the West, Hastings in the East and Staplehurst in the North. All clubs play in their Divisions up to the area finals – there are 4 Divisions Duncan Pickering SCB Club Delegate


Connect to the Sussex County Bowls site for the formal schedules and competition rules

Awaiting 2022 details on the county website

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