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Christmas cheer

Hidden talents shone as the cast emerged from the shadows to entertain club members at the Gildredge Christmas party in the clubhouse on the 11th Decemeber 2022. The evening flashed by as our members were treated to a full programme of entertainment and lots of audience participation. Plenty of food and drink were consumed before the evening drew to an end with a rousing sing-along.

The organising committee, led by Petina Hapgood, had been preparing for weeks. Secret rehearsals by the cast helped to draw out the best in every member.

Margaret and Petina make last minute checks before the big event begins

The clubhouse was beautifully decorated throughout.

The kitchen and bar were laden

Bar Manager Richard, with expert help from Lydia, stocked and ready to go

Great attention had been paid to the safety of the event. Food was prepared separately for each table and chosen so it could all be eaten with a fork or a cocktail stick. Strict hygiene in the kitchen and around the club was combined with table service. And members had been reminded about the importance of being double-jabbed and boosted, and to take a lateral flow test on the morning of the party.

Meg and Cath preparing a feast of seasonal goodies.

As well as the show, members enjoyed a quiz, guessed the weight of the cake, and tried their luck with a grand raffle. The show went down a storm with singing, poems, sketches and more.

In case you missed the evening, or would just like to sing-along-at-home to re-live the memory, here is a selection from the night's songbook. Click each image to get a full screen version.

The Gildredge spirit rose to the occassion as our members worked hard to make this a wonderful night. Thanks, and a special Christmas cheer to:

  • The cast of Petina, Stephen, Babs, Marlene, Eileen, Bob, Brian, Margaret, Val, Meg, Jane, and Norman

  • The raffle with Carol and Carol

  • The song booklets with Alison

  • The quiz questions and prizes with Heidi

  • The bar with Richard, Lydia and Ian

  • The kitchen with Meg, Cath, Brian, Jane and Eileen

  • The weight of the cake with Wilf and Ann

  • The decorations by the whole committee and Anita for the special table decorations and crackers

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