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Club finals 2022

Two days of glorious weather was matched by two days of glorious bowling as the Gildredge Bowls Club finals took place over the weekend of 10th/11th September.

Photo L to R: Singles champions Robert Ramsden and Jenny Townsend; The Seymour household took home an armful of trophies; Bob, Petina and Heidi enjoying the day

The draw night earlier in the year had seen 146 individual entries and 72 team entries (pairs and triples) from 91 different members distributed across the various competitions. Every one of the formats had enough entries to be a true competition. The early rounds of the knockouts saw many a close match but slowly the field was reduced. At last, by early September, just the last two people/teams were left, ready for the final showdown.

Interestingly around a dozen of the semi-finalists were bowlers who had only started within the last couple of years or so, and some of those reached the finals (notably David Shepherd who won two titles in his first year!).

Many, many thanks are due to Chris Leverentz (men's competitions secretary) supported by Ellen Strevens (ladies competitions secretary) for running the competitions throughout the year and setting up the organisation for final weekend. It was immaculate. Thanks to vice-captains Ellen Strevens and Brian Whittaker for running the leagues on Thursdays.

Photo: Competitions organiser Chris Leverentz

Dorothy Bromiley was umpire. David Forge and Brian Welfare ensured the greens were ready. Andy and Ken Wratten were there early to lay out the greens. The bowling, the organisation, some lovely cakes baked by Marilyn Doust, scones from Chris Ford, teas, and the bar all combined to make a seamless weekend that was enjoyed by bowlers and spectators alike. In addition to the bowling trophies, club chair Jo Doust presented the achievement award. He chose the executive from 2020 and 2021 who had worked tirelessly in keeping the club going through the Covid difficulties. Jo commented that the "size and success of this year's bowling competitions shows just how effectively the committee had worked to keep the club going. Particular thanks were due to Colin Couch (chair), Marilyn Doust (secretary), Ron Putland (treasurer) and David Forge (green ranger).

The finals weekend was a real credit to the whole club. As well as the competition trophies, presentations were made to the men's and ladies' leagues from the club day on a Thursday.

Scroll down to see the results and photos of all the winners.

Photo: Ready and waiting: Just some of the silverware lined up ready to be handed to the winners and runners-up.

The results

Ladies' handicap: Jenny Townsend 21, Cathy Greenwood 13

Men's handicap: Kevin Hilton 22, Oliver Sterno 6

Ladies pairs: Marlene Gallagher and Carole Forge 24, Anne Holmes and Anita Dixon 16

Men's pairs: Paul Boyland and Jeff Barnes 23, Brian Welfare and Jo Doust 14

Senior ladies: Eileen Harris 21, Ellen Strevens 14

Senior men: Duncan Pickering 21, George Murray 15

Men's championship: Robert Ramsden 21, Kevin Hilton 20

Mixed pairs: David Shepherd and Jenny Townsend 22, Cath Lock and Jeff Barnes 13

Ladies triples: Linda Couch, Eve Goldsmith and Irene Jackson 17. Helen Cunningham (substituted for Mal Rossell), Carole Forge and Ann Taylor (substitute for Pam Eveleigh) 14

Men's triples: David Shepherd (not shown), Oliver Sterno and Alan Wenham 17. Gary Clarke, Peter Smith and Jo Doust 16

Mixed fixed jack: George Murray 83, Russell Calderwood 67

Jack Butcher: Andy Seymour 21, Ian Dixon 14

Coronation cup: Jill Seymour 21, Marlene Gallagher 15

Ladies championship singles: Jenny Townsend 21, Ellen Strevens 11

Ladies Thursday league

Photos L to R: Winners Jane Austen: Val Butler, Jane Spencer, Sue Boyland, Jenny Townsend. Runners-up Charlotte Bronte: Mary Bowley, Val Cooper, Meg Reed, Dorothy Bromiley, Pauline Cooper

Mens Thursday league

Photos L to R: Winners Coggins Mill: Paul Boyland, Chris Willing, Terry Wortley, Garth Fisher. Runners-up Broad Oak Jeff Barnes, Colin Hunt, Jim Foster, (not shown Chris Ford and Mel Terry)

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