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Competitions update

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The heavy schedule of club and town matches, competitions and leagues enters the final stage of the 2021 bowls season. Dozens and dozens of Gildredge bowlers have been taking part in matches….some in the inter-club matches with local and touring teams, some in the internal club competitions, some in the town competitions and leagues, and some in national competitions. Whatever the level of match, Gildredge bowlers have performed brilliantly and we wish them all well in the remaining matches.

The web news blog will report soon on the final outcome of the leagues, and on our bowlers’ progress in external competitions. Here are a few results from across all forms of matches.

Inter-club matches

These have been running since early in the season. Sorry we do not yet have a match-reporting system but we’ll get there by next year! The general pattern is lots of Gildredge victories! Some recent results are:

GPBC 130 Oxford bowlers 93

GPBC 60 Shefford 60

GPBC 102 Hellingly 74

GPBC 113 Banstead Neville 74

Ladies Eastbourne Town competions 2021

Semi-finals to be played at Parade on Thursday 19th August

SINGLES 10.00am

Francis Baker Hailsham B.C


Mal Rossell Gildredge Park B.C.

Julia Savin Parade B.C.


Jenny Townsend Gildredge Park B.C.

PAIRS 10.00am

Carol Forge & Cathy Greenwood Gildredge Park B.C.


Jean Clements & Pauline Jackson Eastbourne B.C.

Sue Hennock & Sheila Simmons Eastbourne B.C.


Jean Denyer & Louise Weller Parade B.C

FOURS 1.45pm

Gabi Richardson, S Davis, Helen McNeil, Doreen Overs Eastbourne B.C.


Jet Tait, Anka Durrant, Carol Forge & Cathy Greenwood Gildredge Park B.C.

Ros Pickering, Carol Heasman, Mal Rossell & Jenny Townsend Gildredge Park B.C.


Gill Pearson, Christine Frodsham, Rose Wattis & Julia Savin Parade B.C.

Men’s town leagues

The men’s town league teams A, B, and C have been playing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for many weeks now. The final league positions have yet to be settled due to rain delayed matches last week. A special shout-out to our club C team who play in Division 2. Team leader Ian Dixon reports “Our C Team have finally won a match, beating Royal Sovereign B. It won’t alter our league position but we now know we can win . Several of our squad are new bowlers and congratulations to Bob Hapgood, Gary Clarke, Howard Medway and Mick Foster who were all in winning triples.”

Ian Dixon reminds members to sign up for inter-club matches. There are still plenty of matches in August and September. Ian says “The inter club matches are friendly ! You do not need to be a brilliant bowler to take part but you may become one by taking part in them !”

Ladies town league

Some great victories here. Full report coming when the league has finished and we can report properly on the team’s success.

Tolley Bowl

The club’s A team secured a victory over Eastbourne A in the semi-finals of the Tolley Bowl. The home team won, the away team lost narrowly, and Gildredge took the overall score by several points. Many congratulations to the men in reaching the Tolley Bowl Final which we believe will be against Hampden Park.

Club competitions

Most of these have now reached the semi or the final stage. Amongst the current line-up are:

Championship final

Jenny Townsend versus (Andy Seymour or Duncan Pickering)

Mixed novices

Ian Dixon versus Oliver Sterno

2 wood yardstick

George Murray versus Duncan Pickering

The other club competitions are still finishing the semi-final round. A full list of the club finals matches will be published once all the semis are complete.

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1 Comment

Aug 16, 2021

This has all been so good to read. What a wonderful season GPBC is having.

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