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Bowls is back at Gildredge

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Covid-safe triples, pairs, roll-ups, and club night

Bowling has started again at Gildredge Park Bowls Club. The club officers have worked hard to establish COVID-safe arrangements aligned to government and Bowls England advice. Bowlers are restricted to triples and are using every other rink to ensure social distancing. Jacks, pushers, mats and green markers are all sanitised before and after play.

Triples and pairs are being played almost every day of the week. Friday evening see "Club night" organised by George Murray. Every Friday has seen all 30 available places booked up and a wonderful evening is had. There was a BBQ at the end, until the recent change in the government's requirement. The BBQ has now been discontinued but the bowls can still go ahead as it falls within the parameters of organised sport.

Photo above and video below shows two of our new members at a coaching session.

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