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Games fit for a king

Gildredge greens were a riot of red, white and blue, as nearly 60 players and a further 30 club members celebrated the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on Monday 8th May. Ros and Duncan Pickering had organised a day of special bowling games followed by a royal afternoon tea.

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Photo: King Duncan and Queen Ros have everything under control

Playing members were divided into teams and played five games, each of four ends.

Game 1 – Nearest to the Jack. 4 nearest woods from either team get points. Nearest four points, then three, two and one.

Game 2 – Jack to follow – All woods are played and then the skip plays the jack.

Game 3 – Roving Jack – Jack is delivered but not centered and play continues wherever the jack

Game 4 – Woods behind the jack – only woods that are behind the jack count

Game 5 – Play your Joker – each team can nominate one end to play their joker. If they win the end, 5 extra points are scored.

Photo: action underway by the red, white and blue bowlers

Photo: Barbara, Pam, Henry and David enjoying the day

Photo: some more red, white and blue bowlers. L to R David, Les, Derek

Photo: expectantly awaiting the results

The winning Team was the Coronets with 52 points of Wilf Carter, Ann Taylor and Craig McKernan. Close runners up were the Knights with 49 points was Cathy Greenwood, Howard Medway, Marie Goodwin and Trefor Williams

After the matches, bowling and non-bowling members sat down to a sumptuous tea in a specially decorated clubhouse. Marilyn had hand-crafted yards and yards of royal bunting. Large red, white and blue baubles were clustered around the ceiling (paper, reusable, very green!).

Members of the club had helped out by baking. The tea was superbly created and presented by the catering team of Val Cooper, Meg Reed and Carol Hunnisett with help from Mike Hunnisett.

A Coronation raffle was held to raise funds. Thank you David and Carole

What a day!

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