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Inter-club matches 2021: Played 33, won 19, lost 14

Gildredge Park Bowls Club had a mixed year of inter-club matches in 2021. There were 53 planned matches. After a slow start to the year we picked up the pace and finished with 19 wins to 14 losses. Dozens and dozens of club members took part in these matches. The sign-up sheets in the clubhouse sometimes showed more members wishing to play than spaces available. The selection committee of the captains, vice-captains and section members did a great job in setting the teams and sharing out the places so everyone was able to play in a good number of games.

A mackeral sky over the beautiful Gildredge greens.

The vibrancy of our inter-club programme and the committment of members is to be applauded. Thank you to match secretary Gordon Burr for liaising with other clubs and establishing the shcedule of macthes.

Unfortunately 20 matches were cancelled - nearly always by the opposition, not us. Some cancellations were directly due to COVID restrictions. But some were because visiting clubs could not raise a team or had cancelled their tour. Across the country many clubs are facing a drop in membership. Let's hope the 2022 season picks up. Gildredge will also need to take care and work hard to recruit new members, encourage members to take part in matches, and try to play more away matches.

The season in review

Rottingdean Home 21st May cancelled

St.Johns Home 22nd May cancelled

Seaford Home 24th May cancelled

White Rock Away 25th May cancelled

Hailsham Home 28th May WON 100 – 77

Rottingdean Away 30th May LOST 81 – 94

Polegrove Away 2nd June LOST 41 – 83

Royal Sovereign Home 5th June LOST 97 – 110

Hellingly Away 7th June LOST 89 – 102

Deanland Home 11th June WON 85 – 41

Crouch Home 14th June cancelled

Hampden Park Home 15th June LOST 96 – 104

Lindfield Away 22nd June cancelled

Spring Park Home 23rd June cancelled

Chatham Home 27th June LOST 143 – 184

Hayes & District Home 29th June WON 103 – 84

East Dean Away 30th June WON 74 – 57

Eastbourne Home 6th July WON 92 – 86

Hastings Away 12th July cancelled

Southall Home 20th July LOST 125 – 130

Motcombe Away 24th July WON 68 – 57

Polegrove Home 25th July cancelled

Hellingly Home 26th July WON 102 – 74

Herstmonceux Away 30th July cancelled

Royal Sovereign Away 31st July WON 110 – 84

Seaford Away 2nd August cancelled

Shefford Home 3rd August LOST 60 – 95

Oxford Bowlers Home 4th August WON 130 – 93

Wealden Away 7th August cancelled

Lindfield Home 9th August cancelled

Banstead Neville Home 10th August ??

Crouch Away 13th August cancelled

Hailsham Away 14th August LOST 67 – 81

Hampden Park Away 15th August cancelled

Herstmonceux Home 16th August WON 92 – 70

St Johns Away 18th August LOST 88 – 94

Horam Home 20th August cancelled

Geddington & Newton Home 22nd August WON 154 – 145

Wrotham Home 24th August LOST 40 – 56

Ringmer Away 27th August WON

Peacehaven Away 31st August cancelled

Bostal Heath Home 1st September WON 104 – 65

Blue Circle Home 3rd September WON 71 – 57

Ewell Home 5th September WON 104 – 62

Farnborough Home 7th September LOST 98 – 107

Parade Home 8th September WON 99 – 87

Mill End Home 10th September LOST 94 – 124

Yateley Home 14th September WON 77 – 68

Heavitree Home 15th September cancelled

Peacehaven Away 17th September LOST 85 – 96

East Dean Home 21st September WON 89 – 39

St Johns Home 22nd September WON 148 – 101

Dartford Home 24th September cancelled

Seaford Away 25th September cancelled

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