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Who are the mystery winners of the Jim Ashby plate?

Thirty-two keen bowlers were at the club from soon after 9.00 am ready for the Jim Ashby plate competition on Sunday 5th May. The competition was to be played using the Australian pairs format. It was to be a busy day as every team had to play six matches, each of five ends.

Photo: L to R Jeff Barnes and Julia Fordham Jim Ashby Plate winners 2024

Pairs had been drawn at random and then clustered into four mini-leagues of four teams for the morning session. Each team played each of the three other teams in their mini-league over five ends. This led to a mini-league ranking.

In the afternoon the four mini-league winners played against each other in another three matches to find the overall champions. All the second-placers played against each other. Ditto the third and fourth placers.

Many congratulations to Julia and Jeff who emerged triumphant. They won all their matches in the morning, and then topped the winners' min-league in the afternoon.

Thanks to Andy Roberts for working out how the competition could run, forming the teams and mini-leagues, and analysing all the results to calculate all the league positions. That's 48 matches. Phew!

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