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New bowlers hit the heights

The Wednesday evening new bowlers' coaching and development programme came to an end with an evening tournament on September 22nd. The bowlers played three sets of five- end pairs using a rotating format so each bowler played with, and against, a number of others. Individual scores were accumulated to provide a winner and a runner-up. The standard was extremely high. A passing spectator would never guess that the matches were being played by people with just weeks of experience. Sue Boyland emerged as champion with Cath Lock as runner-up.

Winners and merit awards presented to some of the new bowlers who have joined the club this year. Left to right: David Spencer, Meg Reed, Paul Boyland, Sue Boyland, Cath Lock, David Gausden, Kevin McMichael. Also shown are Mick Foster (back centre) and Jenny Townsend (front right) who helped at the competition. Middle right are coaches Denise Smith and Marilyn Doust.

Coach Marilyn Doust said "I am extremely proud of their comittment to bowls and their determination to improve. All are going to be fabulous bowlers in the future, and there are some club champions in the making. It has been an absolute pleasure to coach these new members and I wish them well ". She added ......"My thanks must also go to Jenny Townsend, Mick Foster, Denise Smith and Jo Doust for helping make this inaugural event a resounding success". Sue Boyland thanked Marilyn on behalf of the group and presented her with a special award for her excellent coaching.

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