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Short mat winners announced

The winter short mat league winners were uncertain right to the end in March. Some excellent bowling all-round saw several teams in with a chance of being crowned champions. With three points for a win and one for a draw, the matches became more and more critical as the teams tussled for the leading spot.

And the winners are.......!!!!!

Monday league: Team Basil

Colin Hunt/Peter Smith/Pauline Cooper/Kevin McMichael

Wednesday league: Team Corfu

Jim Putland/Derek Stamfer/Olwyn Clancy/Colin Hunt

Additional players supporting the winning teams wereJim and Maggie Steer

Final league positions

Monday league Wednesday league

Basil 31 Corfu 37

Thyme 30 Portugal 34

Sage 29 Sardinia 30

Oregano 16 Corsica 22

Ibiza 18

Majorca 9

Organiser Bev Jones sends thanks to everyone who played in the leagues this year. "Roll on next year", says Bev. And all the players and the club thank Bev for all her hard work, and keeping it all going through the covid ups and downs. The short mat brought in over £2,600 to club funds over the winter. Together with the money from bridge, whist, rummikub, scrabble, and table tennis, this income makes a substantial contribution to keeping the club open for members to enjoy during the winter by paying the heating, electricity, and other bills.

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