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So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night

The closing drive saw busy greens and a packed clubhouse to celebrate the final day of the outdoor season. Members played rinks over 18 ends with tea after 9 ends. A good game was enjoyed on every rink, but one team emerged as clear winners on points difference to claim the Centenary Jug in its inaugural year. The new trophy had been presented to acknowledge the club's centenary in 2020 and will be awarded to the best team at the closing drive each year.

The winning team, clockwise from lower right: Ellen Strevens, Maggie Steer, Mike Hunnisett, Richard Scullion

A great time was had by all the bowlers and a crowd of club members who gathered to watch and join the post-match meal. After the match everyone gathered in the club house to hear the results, a speech from David Forge about what a great year we have had, a very funny joke from Carol Heasman, and the presentation of the closing drive Centenary Cup.

Petina and Bob Hapgood had organised fish and chips from Pedro's fish and chip restaurant. Ian and Anita were busy behind the bar ensuring their usual high standards and good service to us all.

Images below are from club member Heidi Emery. Click an image to see a bigger version. From top left:

1. "Will someone get close to the jack eventually" wonder bowlers on the top green.

2. "Three to us" is claimed on rink one

3. It's tight going into the count at the last end

4. The sun always shines on the skips

5. It may rain elsewhere, but shafts of sunlight will always always fall on Gildredge

6. A long queue at the bar as soon as it opens

7. Ready for dinner

8. It's here! Jim walks through with a box of fish and chips

9. Enjoying the meal

But it's now all over...................

Collecting the last bowls of the season. How sad. But it's not long to spring!

As the light began to fade members began to head home. It had been a great season and it seemed such a shame it had to come to an end. But it's only about 180 days before the opening drive! And less than a fortnight before short mat and all the winter activities begin. Look at the social pages on this website, or the notice boards in the clubhouse, to find out what's happening over the winter.

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