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Staying afloat: We have won over £19,000 in grants

The club is immensely grateful to the UK government, to Eastbourne Town Council, and to Sport England who have awarded Gildredge Park Bowls Club a total of £19,601.29 since May 2020. The club set up a small grants group of Jo Doust, Ron Putland and Marilyn Doust. This group have been keeping an eye on all potential forms of monetary support during the COVID crisis. They have been submitting grant bids for the last 12 months. Not every bid has been a success but the grant group have achieved six awards. The funds have helped keep the club afloat. Membership fees contribute about half of the running costs of the club with much of the rest coming from the kitchen, bar, raffles, sales table, competition fees etc., all of which have been zero for nearly a year. The government, Eastbourne Council and Sport England understand the pressures on clubs and their support has been vital in helping our club survive the squeeze and be prepared to get back to normal. The grants have helped towards all the fixed costs of the club. For example, looking after the greens averages around £1,500 per month and David Forge has been in continual discussion with the firm that looks after the greens to get the very best result.

The greens are looking wonderful at the moment and everyone has their fingers crossed for a quick and safe return to normal play and a long, hot summer of wonderful bowling.

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