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Victorious ladies

Updated: May 6, 2021

Gildredge Park Ladies scored a clear victory over the men in the Ladies versus Men triples on Monday 3rd May. The final score was Ladies (73) to Men (64).

Long jacks, short jacks, or firing failed to turn the tide for the men as the ladies' skills shone through. One highlight was an eight point end to skip Ellen Strevens with her team of Anita Dixon and Linda Henderson.

The Chairman's triple led from the rear as they were defeated by a stonking 28 to 8 over fifteen ends. Other matches were closer, and the ladies did lose on some rinks, but overall their supriority held the day.

The match was played in a good spirit and a return match is needed. Will fortunes turn?

The Ladies versus Men match had been arranged to replace the Jim Ashby Plate which has been posponed due to Covid restrictions. The club hopes the Jim Ashby Plate will take place later in the season.

Men's club captain David Forge had organised the event and very kindly paid for the tea. He presented prizes to all the Ladies at the end. Thank you David.

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